31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 28 - Let's Talk

Today is Bell Let's Talk day, a day to raise awareness and reduce the stigma of depression and mental illness. Too many people suffer in silence because mental illness is judged to be a form of weakness. Check out Michael Landsberg's video below for more...

Michael and everyone else speaking out today are my inspiration. Let's all try to be supportive and helpful, not judgmental, about whatever someone else is going through. Let's talk.

31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 27 - New Gear

I'm a total gear nerd.

I love to learn about the newest and best guitars, cooking tools, cameras, microphones, and more. And when I can rationalize buying some new gear, I get a huge rush of excitement. That excitement is sometimes only temporary, and I end up with nice gear that is rarely used. I've (finally) learned that I need to make these buying decisions around specific projects that I am truly committed to making.

So, after finishing up this 31 days project, I'm going to experiment with a video project. Next step, spend three thousand dollars on gear? I'm proud to say that I squashed that impulse. After a bunch of research, I've decided that I only need a tripod and a lavalier microphone that will plug into my iPhone. Total budget of $150. Phew.

I'm inspired to get started on the video project, so my inspiration today is more than just new gear... it's to create something with (the bare minimum of) new gear. I can always upgrade my gear later if this project turns into something more than an experiment.

31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 26 - An Early Start

I got up early this morning for coffee and breakfast with Colleen before she left for work. After a little more lounging around, I'm at my desk in my freshly set-up office. And it's only 8am.

With no urgent moving or unpacking work today, I have the luxury of a long block of hours to get back to work. So my inspiration today is getting an early start. Time to go kick some ass.