Shipping a Personal Project

I've been working on a personal project over the last few months that's far enough along now that I've started agonizing about how to release it. It has been too easy to get caught up in all the imagined "must do" steps, and in irrational fears of both failure and success. I was just about fed up with myself when I found Amy Hoy and Alex Hillman's new e-book, Just Fucking Ship.

There's lots of great advice in the book, it's definitely worth reading if you're in a similar struggle to finish and ship personal projects or full-blown products. The biggest lesson I'm taking from it is that I don't need to have a perfect "one shot" launch. Aiming to have everything in place for a magical moment is only making it less likely that I'll ship my work at all. Shipping, then iterating, is just fine.

I'm going to take that advice (perhaps too far), and flip my project's source repo to be public. It's a re-implementation of some of the UI from the iOS, written in Swift... so I'm calling it SwiftBoard. Check it out on GitHub, or here's a little screencast:

There's some missing features, and there's plenty of room for improvement in the code. I need to write up a blog post or two about what I've learned about Swift and iOS development, and maybe I'll pitch a conference talk. But I'm hopeful that treating the next steps as iterations is going to be way more productive than fretting over the "big launch". Fingers crossed.