31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 1 - Jaimee Newberry

I've been working with the awesome Jaimee Newberry over the last few months to design my work and life now that I'm an independent developer/consultant. We've been talking a lot about building creative momentum recently, and how it's easy to provide ourselves with reasonable excuses for not getting our creative work done. I'm in the middle of moving from Vancouver to outside of Toronto, which provides tons of excuses. But I'm going to do my best to not let it tank my productivity completely.

Jaimee suggested that I could start a creative project that was achievable in 10 minutes every day, even on the craziest days. She let me in on the thinking behind her #31days31people project for December, and her #31days31inspirations project for January. I did some thinking about what I could do, but I kept coming back to #31days31inspirations. It feels like the perfect way to start a new year... so I'm going to join in and write a little each day in January about something that inspires me.

I suppose it's a little meta, but since Jaimee is the inspiration behind this project, it feels right for her to be my inspiration on day 1. Thanks Jaimee!