31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 14 - Perseverance

For whatever reason, today was the day that the emotional toll of moving hit me. The move is going fine, but I'm a bit of a mess.

One of my goals for participating in the #31days31inspirations project was to build creative momentum by publishing something even on lazy days, busy days, and grumpy days. I've had a couple of days where I needed to give myself a little push to get started, but today was the first day that I really struggled to be inspired at all.

I started writing three different times on different topics today, and ended up throwing all of the posts away because their topics weren't genuinely inspiring me. Then just now, I realized that the fact that I was still trying was itself a great thing — so my inspiration for today is perseverance.

Here's hoping that tomorrow will bring a better mood and easier inspiration. But if it doesn't, I will persevere!