31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 18 - Meal Planning

In Vancouver, I had the luxury of having Granville Island, Whole Foods and farmers' markets all within walking distance of our place. This allowed me to plan our meals on a day-to-day basis. Or ideally, I went shopping without a plan, and I let the meal plan come out of what inspired me at the market that day.

Where we're living now in Ontario, the nearest grocery store is barely walkable. And you know, we have a real winter here. So, I'm going to need to adapt my routine to do a week's worth of shopping at a time. I think it'll take me some time to get good at it, but I'm finding that I'm inspired by the new challenge.

Because I like to cook, meal planning isn't about minimizing the amount of cooking work I have to do. I'm more interested in having a diverse menu of real food, minimizing processed food. And to not end up throwing away food that goes bad before we get a chance to eat it.

For this week, I've planned three dinners, which should also give me a week's worth of lunches. Then, I can fill in any gaps with meals like omelettes, salads, etc. that are great ways to use up the bits of fruits and vegetables that are left over. I think it's going to work out, but I'll see how it goes, then I'll change course before shopping again next weekend.

What's your favourite meal planning tip? Shoot me a message on Twitter... Thanks!