31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 2 - An Empty House

Yesterday, we moved in to a new rental house outside of Toronto. We're not fully moved out of our place in Vancouver yet, so it'll be a couple of weeks before our furniture, art, guitars, books, etc. make it across the country. I was worried that living in a mostly empty house was going to feel weird, but I'm finding it's quite the opposite — the blank slate is inspiring.

It's fun to think through different ways to use the rooms of the house, and how that impacts where we'll put our favourite stuff. Since we have more space and privacy now, it's also fun to think about what's possible... things that we could never do in an apartment.

The change that I'm most excited about so far is being able to make much more noise without worrying about the neighbours complaining. I'm really looking forward to playing guitar at any time of the day without wearing headphones! And I've had my eye on a set of Roland V-Drums for a few years, which I think I'm finally going to buy this weekend. Can't wait!