31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 27 - New Gear

I'm a total gear nerd.

I love to learn about the newest and best guitars, cooking tools, cameras, microphones, and more. And when I can rationalize buying some new gear, I get a huge rush of excitement. That excitement is sometimes only temporary, and I end up with nice gear that is rarely used. I've (finally) learned that I need to make these buying decisions around specific projects that I am truly committed to making.

So, after finishing up this 31 days project, I'm going to experiment with a video project. Next step, spend three thousand dollars on gear? I'm proud to say that I squashed that impulse. After a bunch of research, I've decided that I only need a tripod and a lavalier microphone that will plug into my iPhone. Total budget of $150. Phew.

I'm inspired to get started on the video project, so my inspiration today is more than just new gear... it's to create something with (the bare minimum of) new gear. I can always upgrade my gear later if this project turns into something more than an experiment.