31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 4 - The Incomparable

After a couple of busy weeks of moving and catching up with family, today ended up being a day of recuperation. When I'm feeling beat up, I tend to retreat to the TV or to a novel. So my inspiration today is a podcast that has guided me toward a lot of great things, but especially to new books. It's The Incomparable.

I've always enjoyed reading fiction, but I go through cycles of reading a whole lot then not at all. To break out of a reading funk, I find it really helps to get an enthusiastic recommendation from someone that I trust.

My gateway to The Incomparable was their Star Wars episodes, which I think I discovered via John Siracusa mentioning them on ATP. From there I enjoyed listening to a lot of their back catalog movie and TV episodes. Since the panelists and I like so many of the same movies and shows, I figured I should check out their book recommendations too, which has turned out to be a great idea.

Here's a few of their recommendations that I've read and enjoyed over the last year:

Thanks to Jason Snell and everyone over at The Incomparable!