Apple Watch Pricing

John Gruber's latest post, "On the Pricing of Apple Watch", got me thinking again about what I'm going to do when the watch comes out. I definitely want one. And as a developer, I feel that I should live with one to see how it could fit into my future apps. So I'm sold on buying one, then the question becomes which model to buy.

It's a different kind of buying decision because all of the models are functionally the same. With other Apple products, the specs of the device go up along with price... so it's easier to talk myself into a fancier model than I really need. But with the watch, it's purely about looks.

Could I really justify spending $1200 when I could have the same functionality for $349? I can't. Especially on a first generation device. It'll be interesting to see if I'll change my mind after using the watch, and when its inevitably thinner future generations come out.