Apple Watch Pricing

John Gruber's latest post, "On the Pricing of Apple Watch", got me thinking again about what I'm going to do when the watch comes out. I definitely want one. And as a developer, I feel that I should live with one to see how it could fit into my future apps. So I'm sold on buying one, then the question becomes which model to buy.

It's a different kind of buying decision because all of the models are functionally the same. With other Apple products, the specs of the device go up along with price... so it's easier to talk myself into a fancier model than I really need. But with the watch, it's purely about looks.

Could I really justify spending $1200 when I could have the same functionality for $349? I can't. Especially on a first generation device. It'll be interesting to see if I'll change my mind after using the watch, and when its inevitably thinner future generations come out.

31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 11 - Julia Evans

I'm back in Vancouver for a few days to wrap up this side of the move, so I'll have to sneak in some quick posts until things calm down again.

Today I'd like to share one of my favourite programming blogs, written by the inspiring Julia Evans. She has written about a wide range of topics, like her experience at Hacker School, kernel hacking, and machine learning. I find her enthusiasm for learning and sharing what she's learned infectious. I hope that with some more practice my blog can have the same impact.

Check out Julia's blog here — she's also a great follow @b0rk on Twitter. Thanks to Julia for the inspiration!

31 Days 31 Inspirations - Day 6 - Simple Made Easy

I've been learning about Swift and more generally about functional programming recently. In my research, I've seen lots of references to Rich Hickey's talk, Simple Made Easy, so I tracked it down today.

Wow! It's great. There's a lot in there that I find inspiring, but I'm most inspired by the clarity with which he contrasts what is simple versus what is easy, and why simplicity should be the goal. If you're interested in the craft of writing software, I highly recommend watching it.

Thanks Rich!